Stuck and overwhelmed trying to move forward through these challenging times?

You’re not alone!

In the last few weeks I’ve been speaking with clients trying to find their way through the challenges of the last few months, and move into some sense of “normalcy”.

*Some are lulled into “waiting” for things to return to normal before they make any major changes,
*Some are in motion — keeping busy, holding a momentum, but not really moving forward,
others are ready to move forward, and are creating new ways of living –personally and professionally.

Which one are you?

No matter where you are at right now, there are some things that you should be doing to get you in motion and give you some clarity and direction.

1) Take control of the things you can control!
It’s not unusual when going through upheaval, to lose a sense of control. Not knowing the outcome can keep us floating aimlessly!
What can you control? Your surroundings — get organized and maintain a routine. Having a sense of order will help give you focus, and better able to handle the unexpected. Start or pick up again on things you may have neglected. Exercise, morning rituals, and meal times, are often thrown off when things are disrupted. Get back in the groove, and you will begin to feel a sense of control.

2) Day Dream!
It sounds frivolous, but, taking quiet time, apart from the “noise” for self-reflection, and dreaming about what you truly want for your life, can expand your horizons, and open thought processes that may have been stifled. Venture out in nature, notice your surroundings and put pen to paper. You will be amazed at what may surface when you allow it to. Pen to paper, antenna to God. No judgement, just let your thought flow! Create your Vision!

3) Get in motion!
Sitting around mindlessly watching Netflix, is a recipe for self-pity and depression.
Do something every day that you enjoy doing. Take a walk, ride a bike, dance

and sing! If you have a hobby that you’ve neglected, start it up again. Do the things that get you excited about life. Once you start remembering what you enjoy, and that give you purpose, you will be on your way to creating more of those moments!

We have been through a rough few months! We are allowed a pity party, as long as we don’t get stuck there!
If you need help, ask for it. Call a friend, a pastor, or a mentor, to help you in your next steps.

Certified Professional Transformation Coach, Life Transition Strategist, Midlife Redesign Mentor Christine Catoggio.