Powerful Energies for Moving Forward

April is a powerful transitional month.  

The energy of the month is about transitioning from rest and reflection to growth and expansion, dormancy to revival and rebirth. It is a month replete with themes for new life and new beginnings. 

One of my favorite pictures of this theme, is that of the crocus, breaking through the snow. It offers a symbol of hope and optimism that regardless what the previous season brought to our door, there is always hope of renewal and regeneration.  

As winter wanes a new season of life begins. Everything about the month speaks of embracing change and moving forward. It is the end of the first third of the new year, and offers the opportunity to redo and restart. Even the change of time, moving the clock an hour forward, is about springing ahead, creating a forward momentum.  It is the beginning of the Astrological New Year; an opportunity to release old patterns and awaken new ones. 

Even, the religious symbols of the month are about rebirth. It is a time for all the dormant seeds that were previously planted, to come alive and be nurtured with promise and potential and bloom.  

Three ways to utilize the energy of this month to move forward and create the life  

that you desire are: 

🔸Water your seeds—Nurture what you have started and prepare for positive growth. 

This is the time for what you have pruned to renew. Be open to opportunities. 

🔸Make room for the new—new beginnings require endings. 

Be willing to give up worn out ideas, and projects, and bring in only those that fuel your passion and ignite your creativity and talents. 

🔸Clear your clutter—the old adage about spring cleaning is not just about physical clutter, but mental and emotional, as well. 

Get rid of what is not working. From living arrangements to relationships, not everything is meant to last forever. Amazing things start to happen with a shift in energy! 

This Season Is All About New Beginnings! 

It’s the perfect time to 

Get rid of what’s not working in your life, so you can bring in more of what is, 

Get clear and focused, so you can be more productive at work and at home, 

Create more order and balance in your life, so that you can experience more joy and peace. 

 …and set goals to help you Spring forward with what you want to create for your life!  

What would a Spring Clean of your life look like?  

What do you need to let go of to “Spring  

forward”, “Blossom” and “Bloom”?