7 Steps to Reawaken, Refine, and Redesign Your Life, and create the life of your dreams!

Sounds lofty – doesn’t it?

7 simple steps and you can have the life that you’ve always dreamed of!

The truth is, it IS lofty! If all you do is read this!

But, chances are, if you’ve read this far, you are already on the path to accomplishing just that!

So, you are already on the right path!

We all have lofty dreams and big ideas, but, as you already know, dreaming and doing, give us very different results!

So, what does it really mean to Reawaken, Refine and Redesign your life?

Reawaken means that you GET CLEAR on lost dreams and ambitions.

We all have something that we “put on the back burner”. Whether it’s because we were busy raising a family, or maybe we were doing what was “expected” of us, there are a million different reasons that we did not pursue something in our heart. And, maybe now, as our life experiences have led us in different directions, that something may be calling out to be acknowledged.

Refine means that you RELEASE what has been keeping you from moving forward by replacing confusion with clarity. It means letting go of the things that are not working in your life, jobs, relationships expectations, and those voices in our heads that are telling us why we can’t do something. It’s an acceptance of recognizing what needs to change and what we need more of in our life.

Redesign is the Purpose, Passion and Prosperity blueprint you put into action. It’s a clear plan for creating the NEW life you want. After we remove the muck and

Restablish a clear vision of what is possible, we start to create a MAP (master action plan) of the steps we need to take to get there.

Before you can Reawaken Refine and Redesign and bring those dreams to life, you must create the foundation.

7 Steps to Reawaken Refine and Redesign and bring your dreams to life:

  1. Have a vision for your life—What is your Oz? You can’t get there is you don’t know where you are going!
  2. Reclaim your core essence—Who are you really? Peeling the layers of who life told us to be, remembering who we were before adversity and challenges happened, and finding our life force is a process that allows us to understand our purpose and create a fulfilling life.
  3. Heal the heart and soul—Learning to love ourselves is the most important step to healing the heart and soul. It allows us to be open to forgiving our past, and being open to giving, as well as receiving the love that we desire.
  4. Examine and evaluate your life experiences – Each of our life experiences have taught us something. Honor those experiences, good or bad, and spend time contemplating what were the lessons that each has contributed to your life. Understanding where you have been, and acknowledging how far you have come, gives us a better understanding of what our purpose is and more clearly identifies our path.
  5. Honor your passions – quite often, we set aside the things that we love, for any number of reasons. Those desires of the heart, be it painting, gardening, traveling, or anything that brings us satisfaction, joy and pleasure, have been given to us to bring happiness and fulfillment in our lives. Bringing more of them into our life soothes our heart and soul, and creates space for love in our life.
  6. Open – Open your heart to receive all the love that is available to you. Open
  7. your mind to new ideas, experiences and new understanding of what is possible for your life. Being open creates doorways to things in our life that we never knew were available to us.
  8. Armed with your new knowledge of what the life that you want to create for yourself, design your Yellow Brick Road. Know what you want so you can take the steps to get there. And, be sure that every action moves you in the direction of your dreams!

Eckhart Tolle said “It is not uncommon for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living.”

The choice is yours.

Why not step into the life that you are destined for?

Christine is a Life Transition Expert, Women’s Empowerment Coach, Speaker and Author, and Founder of Women of R.I.S.E. and the R.I.S.E. Movement.

She is passionate about teaching women to R.I.S.E. above life’s challenges and create the life that they desire for themselves.

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